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Facebook Photo Compression

A couple weeks ago there was a Reddit post on /r/Android recommending Facebook users upload photos via the mobile website rather than the official Android Facebook app. The app reportedly compressed an original 8MP (4.5MB) photo to only 0.6MP (100kB) whereas the mobile website uploaded at 3MP (440kB). For a typical 4:3 ratio photograph, 0.6MP works out to neither dimension having more than 1000 pixels! Viewers on almost all current smartphones and tablets would be looking at an image smaller than their screen size. For a social network so heavily driven by photographs, you would think Facebook would do a better job maintaining some modicum of image quality. Most users probably have no idea their images are being so heavily degraded by uploading via the app. This blog examines the varying quality of Facebook image uploads in an attempt to identify the best option if you must upload to Facebook.

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The Darkness over the Dark Knight

As I’m sure everyone online already knows, tragedy struck Aurora, Colorado early on Friday morning at a midnight showing of Christopher Nolan’s final installment in the Batman franchise. Twelve people lost their lives and over fifty were treated for injuries received during the assault. My thoughts go out to the family members, friends, and residents of Aurora and Denver whose lives were devastated by this senseless violence. I threw together a quick image for use as an avatar or a Facebook Timeline cover that features the Batman symbol. Feel free to share and use them anywhere.

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