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Twitter Analytics 2.0

A couple years ago I made a simple Twitter Stats page to depict my tweeting activity. It was originally powered by some datasets pulled from TweetStats but I eventually upgraded it to run entirely from my own server. It was extremely barebones and grabbed my Twitter feed every hour and downloaded all the tweets that had been added since the previous update. Unfortunately, because Twitter does not offer the entire tweeting history via the website or this XML feed, I was missing well over a year of data. Combined with problems accessing this feed, I would regularly lose my entire (local) cache of my Twitter feed and have to spend a lot of time fixing everything. I eventually just decided to kill off the page since I was losing more and more of the older tweets every time I had to fix the cache and Twitter was changing the way the feed was presented.

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Fixing a Broken Google Wallet

I recently upgraded to a Google Nexus 4 phone from my old HTC Inspire HD. Unfortunately, the original device that I received had some problems with the ear-piece, resulting in a very noticeable static hissing noise during calls and even when the phone wasn’t in use. I decided to RMA the defective device to Google in exchange for a replacement. After several weeks of waiting, I finally got my hands on my Rev. 11 Google Nexus 4 (original was Rev. 10) and prepared to transfer over to the new phone. I opted to use a standard nandroid backup of the original device’s content in order to transfer everything to the new device (essentially duplicating the content). Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to the recommended process of transferring Google Wallet to this new device, which suggests reseting the original device’s Wallet application prior to the transition. This is necessary so that the Secure Element created on the device by Google Wallet isn’t accidentally transferred to the new device. This secure element can only be accessed by a SINGLE instance of Google Wallet, so if it is transferred to a new phone or even restored to a new ROM on the same device, it can result in Wallet completely losing functionality. Because I failed to reset the Google Wallet app, which removes the secure element, prior to performing the nandroid backup, I inadvertently transferred the secure element and the linked Google Wallet app to the new phone. Unfortunately, this resulted in the breaking of Google Wallet on my RMA Nexus 4 device.

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