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Red Bull Battlegrounds

This past weekend saw the first major competitive video-gaming event take place in Austin, TX as the Red Bull Battlegrounds took over the Moody Theater for two days of StarCraft 2 action. A 16-player invitational hosted by Day[9], DJwheat, Husky, and Rob Simpson, the event was a resounding success for a non-major-league (MLG or IPL) live event. I decided to only attend the second day (Sunday) of the tournament since the first day featured a round-robin tournament in which an absolute deluge of games were played. Day 2 took the top 8 players from the previous day and seeded them into a single-elimination bracket to fight for over $40k in prize money.

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M83 Live

M83 is absolutely one of my favorite bands to see live. While many people find Anthony Gonzalez’s heavily shoegaze-influenced music somewhat boring (excluding that one track that everyone knows from Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming), their live performances are anything but that. From the perfectly implemented light show to the random electronic dance jam sessions in the middle of their more upbeat songs, M83 is a blast to see in concert. Even though there were people at the concert who only wanted to hear “Midnight City,” there is no denying that the rest of the show was just as energetic. Their extended versions of “Fall” from the TRON: Legacy soundtrack and “Couleurs” from Saturdays = Youth were awesome. Even if you’re one of the “only likes Midnight City” crowd, their live performances make that song look boring in comparison. You should seriously see them.

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Winter in Austin

This past week has had some absolutely incredible weather, mostly in the upper 70’s and mid 80’s, but Thursday it decided to dip up into the 90’s. After four years of Seattle winters (aka cloudy, cold, and wet), maybe Texas winters aren’t all that bad. Sadly it has already dropped back into the mid 60’s for the weekend and we might get some thunderstorms early next week. But it’s still brilliantly sunny and hopefully indicative of the weather for the next few months. Now if only there was a way to escape the inevitable Texas summer heat.

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