Here We Go Again

Well, it’s that time of year again when I randomly and decisively to completely redesign my website. I’ve decided to abandon the automatically generated profile in favor of a more versatile Wordpress installation (again). I’m planning on making the front page a mostly static representation of my real life identity and relying on a few widgets along the bottom to cover some of my more frequently utilized social networks (Twitter and Flickr right now). Of course, I’ll be linking to all the other ones on a separate page or maybe throwing together an aggregate page á la style. Wordpress will also make my planned return to blogging considerably easier (because I really need to ramble online some more). The state of this website will probably be in flux for quite a while since I have to juggle school and work amongst other things to tinker with it, but definitely keep an eye out for some content here in the future. Happy Interneting!

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