Collection of websites and projects I’ve been involved with over the years

Coding Projects

  • Custom Twitter Analytics Page: Automatically fetches and saves all my tweets using Python in a style mirroring the official Twitter archive. Processes content for a variety of metrics including time of day/week, most frequent interactions, tweet character length, and most commonly used words. Generates dashboard-style website using combination of HTML/CSS and the Google Charts API.
  • LastFM Music History: Uses Python and the LastFM API to fetch my weekly, yearly, and overall most listened-to artists, albums, and tracks. Displays in a dynamic grid using Javascript and PHP.
  • LastFM First Artist Listen: Takes a LastFM username and artist as input and returns the first time the user listened to the artist (if they have) and the corresponding song. Powered by PHP.
  • The Last Swifting: Takes a LastFM username and returns its last scrobbled Taylor Swift song. Powered by Javascript (jQuery) and PHP.
  • Fibit History: Uses the Fitbit API and Python to grab my daily step count and sleep estimate to generate a dashboard-style website depicting a variety of statistics about my activity. Graphs created with the Google Charts API.
  • Recent trakt Activity: Uses the trakt API and Python to fetch my recently-viewed TV shows and movies and displays in a list featuring show banners and movie posters.
  • Scholar Plotr: Javascript-powered web page that scrapes Google Scholar search results to generate annual publication frequency charts for a specific query.
  • Real-Time Location Tracker: Grabs location information from a now-defunct Android location tracking app and displayed in breadcrumb-like manner on a dynamic Google Map along with current speed and total travel distance/time.
  • Dogecoin Halving Countdown: Estimates the time remaining until the next Dogecoin block reward halving based on information from the Dogechain API and displays as a Javascript countdown timer.
  • Dogecoin Halving Tweetbot: Uses the Twitter API and Python to tweet hourly updates about the remaining time until the next Dogecoin block reward halving.
  • 100 Billion Dogecoin Countdown: Estimates the time remaining until the 100 billionth Dogecoin is mined based on information from the SoChain API and displays as a Javascript countdown.
  • Dogecoin Address Analysis: Grabs transaction data from the Dogechain website to generate a timeline and histogram of an individual Dogecoin address balance over time. Powered by PHP with charts generated by the Google Charts API.
  • Dogecoin Block Discovery Analysis: Uses the Dogechain API and Python to generate a timeline and histogram of the Dogecoin block discovery times since inception.
  • Destiny Countdown: Javascript countdown to the release of Bungie’s upcoming game Destiny.
  • Treeskunk Viewing Data: Uses the YouTube API to grab view counts for videos and presents them alongside our own hosted video view counts using the Google Charts API.


  • HaloTV (2005-2006): Administrator and developer for post-crash relaunch. Focused on website and forum design. (Check out archive of HaloTV videos)
  • Halo Machinima (2005): Developer and graphics production
  • Cerberus Productions (2005): Founder, developer, and video production
  • Digital Origins (2006): Founder, developer, content production, and affiliate liason
  • GamingTV (2006-2007): Founder, developer, editor, video production
  • Treeskunk Productions (2006-2012): Administrator, backend video distribution system development, numerous iterations of website design, community management and SEO, puppeteer, script editor, graphics and animation for all releases, and video editor
  • ForgeHub (2007): Created original logo and advised on initial deployment
  • Freelance: WordPress and VBulletin themes, static website designs, custom website graphics