Taylor Swifting

I had a really random idea the other day for a simple coding project using the LastFM API: When was the last time you listened to Taylor Swift? This is obviously an extremely important statistic to know for the Taylor Swift obsessed. I already made a tool to lookup the Read more…

Top Music of 2013

I’m really bad at picking my favorite music of the year, so I’ll let the LastFM audioscrobbler do it for me. I figure I listen to whatever I like the most, so it should more or less be representative of my picks for the year. What follows are my favorite albums and artists of the year based on playcounts!


200k LastFM Scrobbles

I recently surpassed the 200,000 song scrobble mark on LastFM since joining way back in March 2005. I threw together a little infographic summarizing my overall top artists, albums, and songs over the past 8+ years. I’m going to make a yearly summary so that all my charts aren’t overwhelmed by the stuff I listened to back in high school. Click on the image for the full-sized infographic. Everything was created in Adobe Illustrator using information and images from the LastFM website.