Automatic Android Location Mode Toggling 2.0

A few months ago I had a blog post about automatically toggling Android Location Mode on my smartphone between High Accuracy and Battery Saving when using certain apps. Using the super-app Tasker and a 3rd-party plugin called Secure Settings I was able to swap the Location Mode of my Nexus 5 between the two modes. However, this was a poor solution since closing an app would result in disabling GPS access, which was undesirable if navigation was currently active. Furthermore, closing an app and returning to it would result in deactivation regardless of the timing. Despite numerous suggestions in the comments, none of them provided a viable answer.


Automatically Toggle ‘High Accuracy’ Location Mode on Android

Check out this blog post for an updated Android Location Mode toggling task

One of Android’s most innovative features is Google Now, a service that attempts to provide relevant information to the user based on location and time. Unfortunately, in order to utilize the location-based service, your smartphone must provide location information to Google at expense of battery life. When Android 4.4 “Kitkat” was released in late October, the location settings were updated to include three different modes: High accuracy, battery saving, and device only. The ‘high accuracy’ mode utilizes GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks to determine location, ‘battery saving’ only uses Wi-Fi and mobile networks, and ‘device only’ relies exclusively on GPS.


Get the Price of Bitcoin with Google Now

The digital currency Bitcoin has grown increasingly popular in recent months as more and more businesses have begun accepting the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Keeping up with the highly volatile price of Bitcion (BTC) is a must for traders, who use exchanges such as Mt.Gox or BTC-E to turn a profit. Even the casual holder through services such as Coinbase need to see how much their BTC are worth. While there are many websites that track the price of BTC across exchanges, there is no official integration into Google’s search engine. For Android users, Google Now/Search is at the heart of their device’s functionality. MohammadAG recently released an XPOSED module that adds an API to the Google Search app. This guide will help you install the necessary applications and modifications to use the “Okay Google” voice command to get the current price of Bitcoin on Mt.Gox from BitcoinWisdom.